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Innovation from Tradition


Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and execution

Suisse INT AG is an Investment Company in Switzerland. A forward-looking and entrepreneurial strategy has been Suisse INT AG hallmark ever since its foundation. Whenever we enter into anything, we do so on the basis of market and sector expertise and an extensive contact network. As active Shareholder/Entrepreneur, we are committed to continuous, market-oriented change, making the most of short-term opportunities to secure long-term success.


We don't build for us, our goal is to build sustainability for our clients, partners, and Switzerland. To be part of the future, the most important thing is innovation. Are you ready to be part of the future?
Real estate


Our focus is to place capital in the property industry.

Are you looking for an investment in your property and build beautiful living areas? It's a pleasure for us to get in touch with you.

Property investments along with development is our speciality.

Segafredo coffee system

Massimo Zanetti created Segafredo Zanetti, initially developing in Italy, where it soon became a leader in the away-from-home consumption and large scale retail sectors, to subsequently conquer the international markets.
Today Segafredo Zanetti is the undisputed leader in espresso coffee in Italy as well as all over the world, with a precise mission: to spread the taste, the culture and preparation of a real Italian Espresso, offering a product of outright quality, guaranteed from the small plant to the cup, as only Segafredo Zanetti can do.​

Suisse INT AG is the official coffee distributor of Segafredo Zanetti in the Swiss market. Visit our official e-commerce website for more information and direct order.